Searching for the answers

We all have moments when we have to stop to catch our breath and take stock of where and who we are. It can  be as simple as tweaking a few things, or it can be a major overhaul.

I’m having days when I want to just sit myself in a corner and hide out in the shadows because I’m neglecting everything that feeds me.  My cards snap at me for being stuffed in the herb cabinet(one can’t hear them as loudly as when they sit on the table). I don’t pull out the incense or herbs to light as I used to…its a meh attitude and its affecting who I patience, and definitely less connected. So a friend offered me a solution…read the” instructions” all about me.

Brin and I arrive at a friend’s for a little tea and some quiet reading. He’s left the fire going, and a book for my reading pleasure on the table next to the big easy chair.  Yep, he intends me to be comfortable as I read and seek the answers I’ve been looking for. Brin goes to bring in the teapot and pours me a cup while I settle myself in the chair.  I pull the soft blanket across my lap and begin my read. I soon see why the book was recommended to me.  It shows me who I was, why I was and how I can pull that back to me. It reminds me that I’ve always had elements of the path I carry with me today.  I have always been connected with a foot on both sides.  It’s why I can walk as I do without fear or retribution from those who control other realms.As I begin reading, I can see the past played out as it has always been. Funny how we often don’t remember things like that. It’s like when we incarnate, then we put past lives, lesson aside in order to try out a “bigger and better” one. It often leaves big holes for us to try and maneuver through and around. I see now where I have gone a bit off course and how I can remedy things.

I have no idea how long I read, or how much tea I drank while doing so. What I know is that today I awoke feeling a little more together  and an idea of how to push myself. No, I won’t share the details, but suffice it to say that it will be more enjoyable than what’s been going on as of late.

Que l’aventure commence


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