Just some rambling thoughts

So, have been thinking  about a few things.  I freely tell people I have control issues..want things just so because the out of focus/out of line crap just grates on my nerves.  It works that way with other things too.  I want people to be knowledgeable about that of which they speak, even if it is their personal experience.   How else am I going to know if they don’t?  I’ve always had a tendency to speak with confidence(if one wants to call it that) about UPG of my path as well as things I might have learned, discerned in the process of that walk.  Oddly enough I’ve learned that to some, they have a tendency to think its judgmental or  an “arrogance” of sorts.  “Professor” is a name tossed at me (in jest I hope) although I did have a friend in school who used to call me “the brain” because I helped him in business law class, so if the name assigned to me was in respect of that knowledge, then I can live with it.  I honestly don’t think I judge others, unless one counts the fluff who come in talking about dragons helping them with therapy(bitch please, they’re liable to eat your ass and spit the bones on the pile to use later as a toothpick), or those who think everything printed on the web is gospel.  Those type people are dangerous because they have no clue who or what they are in the first place, no idea that manipulating energies will give them the worst witchfuck they’ve ever encountered, not to mention open doors that need to stay closed. So I guess that is judgmental, but I never considered it to be so for those I know who walk a pagan path.  IDK,maybe  somehow I do that..I mean it’s a human thing sometime for us all to view things from our perspective and I set high standards for myself so automatically expect others to be right up there with me…not realistic I know, but deep within I feel that they are worth more than they see sometimes, so I want to “nudge” them..ok dammit, sometimes I downright SHOVE, but it’s only because I love them and see their value that they sometimes overlook for whatever reason.  Guess I’ll work on the pushing stuff where some are concerned…others, not so much…they get shoved out of my way for their stupidity…just more junk food for the dragons I guess,lol.  Anyway, changes in the works for me …think some of it will be in this area,wonder if I need to hand out earplugs to drown out the yelling that will come with my being dragged along?



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  1. So True!! of all of us I think. Puts me in mind of a story about a mule trainer with a reputation of not using a whip or abusive methods to train mules. A young person who wanted to learn his technique was appalled when he saw the trainer thoroughly beating a new charge with a 2×4. ‘I thot you used gentle methods!’ he exclaimed. ‘You got to get their attention first’ was the reply. As you say working with energies, as working with animals that are ten times your size & strength, has its dangers, some of them lethal. And sometimes it takes more than a quiet word to get the attention of novices.

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