Welcome Back

Welcome back…sounds like the tune of the show of welcome back Mr Kotter. Yeah, dated myself, but whatever. I logged in with the help of my neighborhood ninja who is by herself top notch at what she does in all her lemony gloriousness.

I happened to look at the date of last log in….June of last freaking year! Are you freaking kidding me? Damn! When I joked about falling into an abyss, I sincerely had no idea it was truth. Fortunately for me, those who love me did take it seriously and stayed close in spirit, energy and travels. Depression is not a game folks..it’s russian roulette. Sometimes you come through the fog, sometimes you don’t.Truthfully it’s a void unto itself. It’s not spoken about unless its in whispers in case someone is offended or the stigma of someone being emotionally unbalanced reflects upon ones self like the taint of it  will stick like some glittery goop you’ve picked up somewhere that you can’t get off. Ever tried to get glitter up after an art project? Damn near impossible. That’s a friend/loved one with depression.

But it doesn’t have to be. Coming from one who has been closer to the edge than I ever have before, I can tell you that with help, medications sometimes… the fog begins to thin, and you can once again see the concerned faces of those who care about you deeply and were afraid to voice their fear of losing you to the pain.It’s not simple, nor is it easy, but in the end its worth it when you see the clarity of the sky, feel the caress of the wind as she tousles your hair, smell the freshness of the grass as you walk once again barefoot grounding and becoming whole.

So welcome back Shae. It’s been a journey..never mind how you got here…just thankful to have you home once again.