Alice had more sense

Have you ever just looked and listened to people sometimes and wondered just what rabbit hole they’ve been residing in? It’s been happening to me quite often as of late. Frankly is giving me a headache and an unquenchable desire to snark or slap them up side the head. *shrugs *Either works for me.

This is my issue. If a person claims to walk or have knowledge of a certain path or subject, then I expect them to know terminology connected to it. You cannot be expected to be taken seriously if you do not. I might be willing to overlook terms connected to certain pantheons if that isn’t your path, even certain terms belonging to traditions other than yours, but I cannot overlook the fact one does not know what a pantheon is. Seriously? You claim to worship /work with a set of God’s and yet have no idea of the definition? How long did you say you’ve been doing this? Exactly what rabbit hole have you been living in? If you’ve been doing this awhile as stated, in pagan circles you’ve heard the word. Don’t own a damn dictionary? Google it ffs! Stop asking the most ridiculous questions. Even Alice had enough sense to look for proper direction.

I am not the goddess of all knowledge but I do have some common sense and will go look before I let my mouth override my ass and show ignorance. It’s high time some people do the same.