Tossing out the dross

I told y’all that I’ve been doing a lot of searching as of late. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to cull all that does not benefit me. That includes people as well as elements of the path I walk.


It’s like going through closets. Taking first one thing off the hangars, inspecting it, trying them on. But it’s like trying on that jacket you loved when you saw it in the store. The color does nothing for you, the cut is wrong, and it feels uncomfortable. Time to toss that onto the trash heap. No use holding onto something that just doesn’t benefit us any longer. People in our lives are the same. We need to cull those who don’t appreciate who we are, with real feelings and opinions instead of the public persona we show the world. If they truly appreciate who we are, they won’t be afraid to reach out when we aren’t at our best. If in the middle of a crisis, they don’t /won’t at least ask if they can help or let you know they care even if they don’t know how to help, it’s time to cut them loose. Those type of people are nothing more than psi vamps sucking all your energy. You will need that healing core to grow and love yourself.


So now that we’ve taken out the trash from our personal stash, it’s time to check out the path. There is no rule that says how we started out means we have to stay there. For many of us, the things we first learned are cringe worthy. We wonder how we could be so naive. So we tweaked, learned, and fashioned a workable path that feeds us spiritually. It doesn’t have to be like anyone else’s, but it does need to work. If it isn’t, now is the time to put it under the microscope and dissect what is blocking the growth. Sometimes it’s a minor thing, sometimes we may need to revamp it with a major overhaul.

If it holds you back, you’re stifled and not growing, clear out the dross. Life is too short for bullshit.