Time waits for no witch

The journey wasn’t long if one didn’t count the first leg of the swamp. As I traveled I let my mind wander on the problems at hand. They seem insurmountable in the mundane. Others perspective might not think so but I guess it’s always been so. All too soon I reach my destination, realizing with a start that I didn’t notice any of the scenery at all. Maybe next time I think to myself. I make my way inside to the parlor where it seems I have been expected since there is a teapot with cups sat out on a table which also contains food and rum. I chuckle to myself and make my way to a chair near the fire to warm myself. I seem to stay cold inside these days even though outside temps day I should be melting.

”what’s the deal with all the clock watching? ” comes a voice from behind me. I shrug. ” I guess I hear the ticking of the scarab ” I laugh. My host shakes his head. ” You hear your own pain beating against your sense of duty ”. Wow. I have never heard it put that way before. ” So tell me oh wise one, how in the hell do I shut it off? ” I was being a little more than facetious, but then he knows me well and probably expected it. He looked at me side eyed, handed me a drink and asked softly ” why haven’t you stopped the clock yourself? ” I take a drink of my rum laced tea and laugh. ” Ego, my friend. All these mundane control issues trick me into thinking someone somewhere might give a damn. The sad truth is that after the immediate need of carcass disposal is disposed with life moves on and the dead are shifted to another place of consciousness to be pulled out of the closet when it suits them. ”  We sit in silence for a bit listening to the crackling of the fire, when he begins to tell me a story. A story of what one was, what is and is yet to be. When he was through I was in tears. I need reminded once in awhile and my friend had done so beautifully. I rose to leave and before I did so he handed me a feather. Black and glossy it reflected the flame from the fire. ” It’s not exactly a phoenix feather, but as you see the fire still burns within you. Use it to push yourself ”. I thank my friend and tuck my gift into my cloak for the journey home. Brin appears to escort me. Today I still give the clock side eye thinking how easy it would be to reach out and SMACK! My gift prevents me. It was given as a reminder and so I thank my friend and keep putting one foot in front of the other.