No validation Necessary

I’ve been in a real funk lately. I’ve been through this before. If asked,, (I wasn’t) my stock answer is that I’m fine. Fine is that all encompassing word that says I refuse to give you the ammunition to pile on.


What bothers me quite a bit, are those sanctimonious omniscient folk who seem to have all the answers and cannot stop themselves from telling you to suck it up because they are living the life of Riley. How fucking nice for them. If you have all the damn answers why didn’t you throw a lifeline? The answer is you get to sit there, pat yourself on the back thanking whatever God you serve that you are not like the tortured soul in front of you that you’ve never felt the pain so severe the thought or desire to check out, stop the clock of you will  hasn’t crossed your mind. Never knowing what type of strength it really takes to grab onto the bank as you are flung through the rapids.

Am I better? Let’s say that I’m a work in progress. I now have access to let it out without offending those around me with my emotional crisis. So I guess this is fair warning. Can’t handle the pictures I paint of where I am  don’t read the blog.