Just a little cracked

I’ve forgotten how it feels to be held close against a dragon’s heart. I’ve been so busy trying to be all things to all people that I lost myself in the shuffle.  It’s been coming I guess, but yesterday it all snowballed on me and I was more than a little snappish to people who help me daily. I’ve apologized to them but realized that I needed to bail myself out(with help).

I lit the sage, turned on music that helps me center and asked tribe for help in energy assist. As I laid my head on my desk and allowed my thoughts to drift into nothingness, my beautiful friend Brin came to gather me close. She’s never pushy so stays close to help if I need her but today she didn’t wait. I’m gathered as a child, held close to a beating heart that lulls me into contentment as my hair is stroked and my spirit is soothed. I smell the glade around me, pulling in that earthiness, hearing the dragon’s song resonate within me.  Subconsciously I understand the words, but if I were to be asked could not tell you what they are.  I only know that they speak to me on a level that is so deep, it’s hard to find its beginning. So I stay there in Brin’s arms, feeling like I am home. I am loathe to leave that warm, comforting space, but the mundane calls with its needs to the usual tasks and issues, so I make my way back, content that Brin again walks next to me, close enough for me to reach out and touch if I ever again forget who I am. Lesson learned. Spirit soothed. Life goes on.