I get by with a little help from my friends. So the old song goes. That’s fine. I can get behind that. It’s when people want to sit on their ass and let it fall in their lap that bothers me.

Today there was a post on social media. The post was for a good cause. Services offered for minimal price, with funds going to help out a local charity. Great. I can help with that. Share the post, let people know (I might know a few). One problem. The post wasn’t shareable except going through the site. In this instant access time, that won’t work for many because they don’t want to go looking. They like myself feel if you want my help, then make it easy for me to do so”. When  was pointed out, it was meet with stubborn refusal to change it. You know there’s an old adage tossed around about helping one’s self, and for many of us, we tend to believe in it. If you cannot physically, mentally, emotionally help yourself, then I have no problem doing the leg work for you until you can do so. But if you are none of those things, while I am willing to give a boost, I’m not running the race for you. You have to lace up, put a foot forward and take off towards the finish line. I refuse to do your work.


It’s the same with path. Don’t be asking deity for favor if you arent willing to give of yourselfyourself. It’s just not happening. Get up and help yourself. Things will not be handled with prayer, magic etc if you aren’t willing to put in the work.


If you need help, just ask. Just don’t expect a full handout. I only offer hand up.