check yourself

I am such a bitch today. I know, people who know me think I’m one every day, but the ignorance has been rampant today and I have lost all patience.

First there was the pissy attitude when something was pointed out to someone to help their cause move better. Fine. I said what I thought and moved on. That’s how I roll. Say my thoughts and walk away. For me to have to stay and keep the”discussion”going I would have to be invested. Majority of the time I’m not. such was the case today.


Then comes a discussion on another social media site. Naive kid comes in, says they always wanted to learn to be pagan, and could someone give her a works to take out a rival. Turns out, her home girl is doing the nasty with a guy she likes and she wants him all to herself and remove girlfriend from the picture. Up pops someone who wants to know what does she need. Hello? Did you not sees her come in putting what she doesn’t know on front street? What does she need? A fucking brain for one and also to grow the hell up. Some of us were a little tongue in cheek and offered snarky answers. Enter the all knowing grand poohbah of the rule of three. He immediately chastises the snarky  for their ethics of attempting to give brain challenged child bad advice on magic. Rolls eyes here. Really? You don’t know me but you are going to challenge my ethics?First, that rule of three shit only works in the movies. It has no bearing in my path nor does it affect anything I do when I work. As for my ethics, I have my own personal code. Don’t start none, won’t be none. But if you do, expect a no holds barred ass kicking.I don’t offer works, especially to those with no idea of what they’re doing. I’m not adverse to doing one for someone, but those are scarce as hens teeth as well. Just don’t come in with your veiled”threats”against those you think are unethical.’Cause I just have to tell ya son, you gonna get what you’re asking for and then some. I have a friend laughing now because she hears the hick voice in that last admonition. I tend to sound like that when I’m out of patience, tired or pissed. Well slap your grandma! I seem to be all of those today so I’m sounding like I live in the swamp.

Yep. I may offer unsolicited advice. I might even take some. But never. NEVER,NEVER,NEVER EVER challenge MY ethics or this could get ugly up in here in a short damn minute.