Reverbs from the week of hell

You know..sometimes the events of the week can almost certainly have a resounding reverberation that carries on throughout the weekend.It feels like to me, that this is where I am at.

BONG! BONG! BONG! The reverb echoes in my head. The stupidity of the week has me wanting to yell at those acting ignorant. I have NO patience. From kids at work who when you speak to them look at you with a blank stare and say HUH? English Mother fucker! Do you speak it? The job is not hard..take a bundle, match it with other parts that carry the same number to the next job. It doesn’t require a master’s degree and yet it was a total mess affecting my work, my temper and my all around psyche. The problem with that is that it lingers as if its some damn virus one cannot shake. Everything pisses me off. Stupid memes that it seems everyone is sharing, saying.  I want to yell..”I get it! It was cute the first couple of get the fuck over it!”Then those posting stupid, inflammatory shit that are wrong, pointed out that its wrong and yet they toss down the gauntlet that they can say and do as they please. Yes they can..but does that mean they have to subject everyone to their ignorance? And don’t even get me started on those claiming to love god  and be a good christian when everything about their life is a contradiction of that particular faith. They only play the god card when things around them start falling apart and their stress level goes beyond what they can handle. Now I have nothing against people using their faith to is intended to give up a foundation upon which to stand to keep balance in our lives.  What I have a problem with are those who use it when its convenient for them to cry “god”. I have no patience for the paper bag religion…take out what you need when you feel its a good time to use it, instead of making a cohesive commitment to your faith.
All this has left me with a headache and short on patience with no fucks given to those I ditch or tell off. Not always the best thing when you have to work with some, live with some or just come into contact with them (avoid jail at all cost)…So what is a seriously pissed bitchy witch to do?  I could get shit faced I guess, but that is only a temporary fix…the best for me is to step back, limit interaction with those I know will piss me off, cull the lists on social media, and find a place to mellow out to regroup for the coming week.