I think my life moves in circles. I know I’ve written about labels before. But apparently some feel the need to try and put me in my place.


I’m not sure why others feel the need to label others. Isn’t it enough to be a human being? Why the need to assume, however incorrectly that because someone does something contrary to how they believe they should act then of course something is amiss. Why is that? Y’all go all out touting how open you are to others beliefs and yet let them step over that invisible line you’ve boxed them in, it’s an all out come apart of the greatest magnitude! They’ve changed the flavor of their koolaid! Forgetting that they hate the saccharine crap or that they never followed formal protocol anyway. How dare they act like what one perceives to be the guidelines of another flavor. Really? Does being a decent human being belong to just one group? I must have missed that memo. And OMG how dare they not want to tell you about their personal beliefs or practices. That must mean they either don’t know anything or are too embarrassed to let others know how flawed they are. Really? You must have missed all the blood on the floor in past writings. I readily admit I’m nowhere near perfect.. Not even close. How and what I believe is personal. A few who know me well understand what direction I travel and yet even they do not question my behavior (at least not openly). So I have to tell you that even trolls such as yourself have not earned the right to peek behind the curtain.

I have a name.. Several actually. Some are public, others not so much. Try using one of those instead of trying to push me into some round hole that fits your preconceived ideas of who and what I am. You might find that paints a clearer picture of others. And you won’t come off looking like the asshat you appear to be.