owning your word

Those who know me well know that one of my pet peeves is that people are honest. If  you give your word,I expect you to keep it. It’s simple right? I mean, that’s how I was raised… Unfortunately not everyone seems to have that same ethical barometer. Got a problem? Hey yeah! They’ll be there… Promise. What’s that I hear? Crickets. I wish I could say that this is an anomaly, but it’s become a common occurrence from variety of sources as if the truth is now on the endangered species list.

It’s not just in personal dealings either. Being on social networks  gives one the opportunity to observe and read others. You know just to exercise your gifts a bit and watch the interaction of the comings and goings in the ethics of others. Don’t agree with someone? Lie to their face then talk shit about them later. I mean how are they going to know it’s them if you change the name right? Want to be seen as BMOC? Steal someone’s words and pass them off as your own without a single glance back in the rear view mirror.

The best/worst one? I’m doing this with your best interest at heart. Yeah, I’m gonna call bullshit on that one. What you really mean is that you want something done your way and don’t give a damn about the other persons views/feelings.Why not just admit that?

The”but I didn’t want to hurt their feelings”bullshit is fabrication as well. It has more holes than a damn seive  and is worse than any fairy tale written by the Grimm brothers. What kind of macabre game are you playing? A lie is a lie is a fucking lie and no amount of pretty paper and ribbons changes the fact you handed a gift of bullshit to someone you professed to care about.

So just how hard is it to tell the truth? We aren’t pod people, expected to feel the same exactly about everything. That would be damned boring. I’m the same everywhere. If I can’t tell you the truth then I guess we have nothing to say to one another. I don’t have time to play games of who’s prettier/smarter/holier/etc etc etc adfuckingnauseum  etc. It takes too much time and energy just to live life that is something more than just existing. I want to be able to find joy in the simple things, to enjoy being around others. But I refuse to lower my standards where I can tolerate the bullshit from those who cannot/will not be honest in their dealings with me. If that means culling some of those people, then so be it.  I’m sure it’ll keep me up nights.