just doing some reflecting

I’ve noticed a slight change in my attitude after my job change. Maybe because it’s not as cutthroat as the previous place of employment, or that the reminder if dealing with the public had made me temper my words. I even jokingly call myself “St Shae”! Whatever it is, I like that I no longer bring home headaches from being negative all day. I’m free to be myself without people assuming I have an ulterior motive. No, I haven’t changed paths, or found religion (my soul is fine, thanks for asking) or become a spokesman for some do-gooder society. What I have done is slowed down a little to appreciate the intangibles in my life. Things one can’t measure by a material yardstick. Things like family (while not perfect, is still willing to help when they can). Friends who give their loyalty and gift of friendship without setting limits. Personal space to set down thoughts, travels, dreams, rants (can never thank the ninja enough for her lemony generosity). A job that gives me flexibility to be able to enjoy life in a more positive manner. I guess that’s a great way to start off the new year.