No longer Hiding

You know, it’s not always easy living in an area known to only have one course of thinking when it comes to faith.  That it isn’t exactly a “one size fits all” never occurs to others, but that is the spiel that goes around.

I’m done with that. I’m now just doing my thing, and if others don’t care for it, then so be it.My path has to work for me…whatever that entails.That doesn’t mean I’ve changed how I treat others, or have gone off the deep end. It means that I’m of a certain age and that we each have to live in a way that fulfills us. You say I’m going to hell? I’d have to ask you for your definition.  There are instances in my life that I’ve felt like that is where I was walking. If we’re going to talk a biblical reference based upon Dante then I’m going to ask for your proof.

I would think by now, in the time you’ve known me, both online or personally, that your opinion of me doesn’t change, or that you recognize who I am even though our paths don’t always walk in a similar fashion. If by some chance, you can’t see anything other than your own reflection of faith staring back at you, I’ll take my leave and we will speak no more. I can’t and won’t try to change your mindset.  What I will do is continue to treat you as I always have and work at strengthening myself in the path that I have chosen. In the end, we’ll both be better for it and a hell of a lot happier.


Je suis qui je suis, votre approbation est pas nécessaire