We are the same…….but are we?

“I hate pagans” was first thing that jumped out at me in chat today…Seriously funny coming from a Wiccan friend who is great in her humor, knowledge and friendship.  She obviously didn’t mean the pagans she was speaking to, but its funny where the conversations go sometimes. We were reading a blog from someone who claims to be minister(from somewhere online is where she got her license) of a church in Tn.  It was full of southern cliche’s   and shame that pagans would “down” other pagans.  I have to disagree with her.  Pagan is an “umbrella” term.  It covers everything outside of the Abrahamic faiths, so would encompass quite a number of paths from everything from Buddhism to Wicca and lots in between.  The infighting of various pagan churches are much the same as any other faith.  It’s because people let their egos get in the way of spirituality.  There are those who claim the label of pagan/wiccan and are in it to get noticed in the pagan community and make money. I have no issue with making paper, but not at the expense of dispensing bullshit for knowledge.  That to me is just unethical, but hey, if you can live with it..who am I to say?..ok I will say..STOP! That is the reason people are the little retarded fluffs running around thinking its all love and light, “harm none” and 3-fold law is real.  It’s made up… People who come seeking deserve better. Then you have those who really desire to teach.  Those are the special ones.  the ones who impart knowledge to others without expecting much in return, maybe a thank you or a pay it forward.  Those are the ones that should be searched for. But they are hard to find.  I’ve been in and around enough groups to recognize when I’m being used because of things I know, appreciated for who I am because of that same thing, or removed from said group because someone felt “threatened” by the things I know.  It’s crazy really when one thinks about it.  I mean, I have met many people who know more than I, and am excited about learning what they know..no envy, no feelings of insecurity.  So why slam people for speaking out against those who are a. either just in it for the money or b.  couldn’t find their ass without GPS ? To me, its just the right thing to do.

Ridiculously sublime

By now everyone has heard the disturbing verdict of Casey Anthony being found not guilty in Florida.  Everyone has been lighting candles, leaving porch lights on etc in honoring Caylee.  While that’s fine…excuse me while I do not.  It’s not that I don’t care..I do..I mean seriously..my thought is how 12 jurors could find her not guilty on child endangerment for not knowing where her child was for over a month is beyond me..never mind that the prosecution dropped the ball on physical evidence on autopsy as well as connecting Casey to the murdered child.  Anyway..I dont plan on ranting on FB(other than this blog), or reposting ad nauseum tributes to the sweet baby who never got the chance to experience life.  The reason?  Simple really…This case was so blown out of proportion.  Casey was given celebrity status much like OJ(who also got off if you remember), and I was a little confused by that.   It’s because things like this happen every day to our children, all across the world.  Children are kidnapped, murdered and violated by strangers, family members and parents.  It happens far too often unfortunately.  So why all the big to-do over this case?  I didnt get it.She was a person of unreknown, someone who  should have never had a child(imho), because she wasnt ready for it…so why?  People all over are reacting..even Kim Kardashian, who’s own father was on the famed defense team of OJ that got him off on a double murder…I’ve seen pages on FB offering free gift cards in her honor(facecrooks asks you report that page..its morbid and a scam), people reposting “letter from heaven..Caylee to her mom”…Sorry..but those really disturb me. First of all..Casey is a sociopath, incapable of feeling sorry for anything or anyone but herself.  The letter would not move her.  Secondly, to insinuate this child would send such a letter is defaming the dead.  I have pretty specific ideas as to how they are to be treated, and this is not it.  One really wants to honor this child?  Give to your local  children’s charity in her name, volunteer to read to kids at the local library, do “something” that benefits the children in YOUR area in her honor.  That makes more sense to me than what I have been seeing.  Oh..and btw..if you are fortunate to have children in your life, hug them and tell them everyday that you love them.  they need to know that their world is secure and is filled with people who love them unconditionally.


Peace Out.

So shut up already!

I was reading a post from someone who wanted to tell her pitiful life story so as to give “hope and encouragement” to others. Yet, she kept on repeating that she had been up last couple nights writing, and that she has Asperger’s..which was her way to explain rudeness. Her topic of the book? How as someone with a disability has such a rough life and that “poor, pitiful” her made it through. Give me a break! She was still in victim mode. She wanted someone to buy her book because poor her needed to be able to share her experience and yet make a few bucks off of it. Sounds like she needs some time on a shrinks couch somewhere. I am sick of people who always want to take the victim’s role in life. You had a hard time…ok…So did others. and yet they made it through. There are people who grew up with an alcoholic father, schizophrenic mother, life of physical and emotional abuse..and yet they are still standing , being productive individuals. There are people who grew up in the projects and pulled themselves out of there and are some of the biggest movers and shakers to be seen in the world..they didn’t resort to becoming a thug, taking the easy way out, becoming a hardship on that single mother who raised them. There are people with disabilities such as the girl in question, and those with more severe problems, yet they persevere. Why is it that one always to cry “woe is me” instead of moving forward? I could have commended the woman in question for being brave enough to tell her story, if it had not been for her rudeness or her victim attitude as if nobody else had ever experienced what she’s been through. It all comes down to perspective I guess. We each look at our experiences from a personal view, so sometimes we do get discouraged. But to constantly stand and wail and rant at the universe because things are so “hard” and life isn’t fair..I don’t have time or patience for that.Yep, I could whine about things in my life..but personally I don’t like to share things like how I am feeling with others…it’s a habit. I write in a personal journal if I really have to let it out, but then I suck it up and do what has to be done. It’s called being self-reliant. There are times when I do need to talk, and I have a couple of extremely good friends who will listen when I get like that..but it’s not often..usually when I’m being hammered from several sides at once. But life is a journey..filled with lessons even in the midst of the hard times. and one cannot take the victim role and expect to have any kind of productive life…you leave all your gifts by the wayside. So even if today has been difficult..find the positive..you’re alive to make mistakes, feel the sunshine and the rain. Challenge yourself to see past the here and now of what is going on. Stop raining on others with the poor me mentality that is your life. suck it up cupcake..the universe would appreciate it.

Proof Dammit!

I’ve been reading a lot lately on other pages. Oddly enough when one asks for verification, people get all spazzed out. wonder why that is? Is it because they are only going on their UPG(unverified personal gnosis)or truly are that ignorant. i’m going with the latter because I have seen some of their other postings that ya’ll havent been privy to,lol. Anyway, one posting was on karma and does one believe..(I dont btw), and someone invariably posed about the 3-fold law. It always comes into a thread..ANY thread..karma, the rede and the 3 fold law. Now I am not Wiccan..the rede does not apply to me, and the 3 fold law is made up shit. I said as much on a page, and said that I actually had a link where Doreen Valiente said as much. Enters Fluffy Asshat: well, why don’t you post it then….So I did. What? I hear silence? Where is this asshat’s balls now? I’ve seen his lame t-shirts with the inflammatory slogans against xtians (yet he claims to be persecuted? Child Puhleeze)..I’ve also read his crappy rhetoric on the threads in various pages. Does he not want to acknowledge proof? Does he not have anything remotely intelligent to say? not bloody likely, because he is a fluffy asshat, content to spew his crap and make those less knowledgeable accept it as truth. Well, not this witch. I demand proof dammit!


Today is the time where everyone stops to think of freedom in this country.  Small towns across the country hold parades, firework shows and everyone gets down to the business of the bar-b-ques that are sure to happen with family and friends.   But what does that word really mean?  Webster defines it as a state of liberation from slavery and independence from another.  Does that still apply to us today?  I know that we are freer than some countries, but little by little our freedoms are being usurped by those we have placed into office to help run this country.  The “patriot act” is just nothing more than a way for “big brother” to spy without having to answer for it in the name of catching terrorist, when in reality, they have those tools already in hand yet ignore their most basic intel that would help them thwart such attacks(I’m not a part of the conspiracy crew..this is known fact in the news lately..read for yourself).  Women’s rights are being taken away, with some states, such as Georgia, Mississippi, and others making a woman “prove” that her miscarriage was from a natural act and not an abortion..WTF?  How stupid is this? As far as I know..Roe v Wade made this legal and as such, if one were to have one..its done in a doctor’s office, and not in the back alleys from days gone by.  Having to prove loss(when this is often traumatic event for most women) or that they were in fact raped is ludicrous.  It places women back in the day of being chattel and I for one will not go without kicking and screaming.. There are those who claim if you belong to a church or the Catholic persuasion, if you believe in a right to choose, then you are not a good…catholic, baptists, (fill in your denomination here).  In truth, people are believing in that person’s right..freedom to choose what is the correct choice for their life..People are screaming  about religious rights ..and in some cases, they may have a point..But it falls on both sides of the fence.  There are those fundamentalists who demand that the country be done as in the day when the Declaration of Independence was signed..hate to disappoint ya’ll but NOWHERE does it say that this country was christian.  “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are  Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.  This statement came to represent the views of  marginalized groups and the moral compass upon which this country should strive for.  Many of the original signers were deists..That is they believed in a higher power, and yet not “god” as some would claim it today.  They believed that one had the right and privilege to worship as they saw fit.  One that benefited them spiritually as well as society..In other words..we’re not out here on our own doing as we will.  We have obligation to make our particular world a better place.  My Gran always told me..”to whom much is given, much is required”.  I respect that.  There are some who feel they have nothing to offer.  Really? I’m sure if you think about it, there is something you can do.  Doesnt have to be big..giving a neighbor a ride somewhere, listening to someone’s problem(even if you dont have an answer)..small things, but appreciated to be sure and increased positive flow in your little corner of the world.  There are just as many on the other side of the fence as well who claim persecution because they live in certain places(Bible Belt comes to mind)Now while I respect that there may be some isolated incidents, I havent had an issue nor heard of one on a wide-scale basis.  Yet as they scream they are being “hated” they are speaking, and wearing shirts with inflammatory sayings on them.  Just what does that mean?  That they demand to do as they will and you have to like it?  I don’t think so.  Even as a pagan, I am not a fan of flaunting anything in someone else’s face.  Why?  Well it comes down to respect and personal responsibility.  I am responsible for my actions.  I was raised to accept people as they are, and if we didnt click..move on.  Being raised on Army bases all over the world, one gets a view of what freedom really means.  One is liable to meet people from many walks of life, different cultures as well as faiths.  My dad always said..”we are one color…O>D> Green-that would be olive drab for you nonmilitary)..that would make us Army people..nothing more.  That carried me through my whole life even when I left home, joined the service myself and then as I entered civilian life and raised a family.  Freedoms are hard won, not to be taken lightly nor perverted into something one groups(s) think they should be.   Real men and women gave their lives for them. They deserve our respect and so the people we come into contact with on a daily basis..no matter if they are rich, poor, somewhere in between, gay, straight, christian, pagan(something in between).  We are Americans.  We are one race:HUMAN.


Lately its been a drag and drain on the energy surrounding me. Usually when things gets really crazy, I go and sit out at my favorite place. Know the kind I mean..the place where you walk with bare feet and feel the connection with mother earth and one with the universe? I have such a place near by. It is the Shiloh national battlefield. I know some might think that a civil war battlefield might be a strange place to go and find center, but for me, it speaks to my spirit like very few places. I love to go and walk though the cemetery, just feeling the soft energy flow and wander through to the water’s edge. I know the history of the Union boats coming up the waterway and the huge battles that ensued upon their landing, but water has always called me and the serene scene that surrounds me there blows the cobwebs out of my head, allowing me to pull inside and shift things to breathe a little easier. One of my other favorite place to go there is under the cherry trees in the orchard a couple miles down the road within the park, It is said that in the battle, the cherry blossoms flew like snow as they were tugged from their branches amidst the volley of musket balls.Now as one sits under the shade of the trees, and smell their sweet blooms, it is hard to imagine something so harsh as war. I can feel the soulful energy of the spirits who lost their lives their and their sense of sadness at the loss of life. But then too, in the renewal and growth of the trees is the promise of new life and renewal ..and that is why I am here. To renew spirit, recharge my batteries so to speak so that I can once again get back to the work I am supposed to be doing. We all need sanctuary..that place where we can just brush off the daily grind and energy dust from others. One cant help but collect some of it as we go through our daily routines..its almost inevitable, but we dont have to keep it. Sometimes when we deal with things daily, like chronic illnesses, family issues, etc, it can bog us down. So when you feel like things are too much..go and seek out your place to just let go…recenter, recharge then get back to work 🙂

Really? Intelligent quotients are a number people

Last night I was reading on Pagan Mystics board about Cerunnos,whether he was in fact deity or not. It was a great discussion, full of knowledge and proof of what people were speaking about. Nice conversation actually. But in enters the fluffy asshat, Sean. The first thing he states is that the god(?) in question has worshipers, answers prayers and to suggest he not be up to our standards of scholarship not be a god is suicidal. Now first lets just say that in this day and age…I dont know anyone who worships Cerunnos as deity solely in their practice, and expects him to answers prayers. and his use of the word scholarship(which he misspelled)was incorrect. So he was asked to explain..twice. So again he says that many feel the gods work for them, and that scholarship is worth more than belief. Ok..I had heard enough, so out comes my snarky self., First I lit in that the term was misused..scholarship pertains to financial support while one is learning. One can be scholarly whilst learning. and as for expecting the gods to work for us? I’m sure that caused laughter somewhere among the deities. Really? One can petition for your desires to be obtained(its done as such on many paths), but you cant just order things to be done because you say so. Or I’m thinking we would all be having some cool shit. I agree that knowledge is power. One learns all they can about your path, yourself and history so as to not make you look so ignorant. Did he leave? umm..no. he then pointed out that Cerunnos poked a hole in the weather and one place had sun while there was rain all around. Yeah..ya’ll read correctly, and I can hear the laughter now. My response? Weather patterns happen all the time..its called “scattered showers”..a natural phenomena.. its obvious you have lived in fluff land too long..gathering up enough lint to catch the dryer on fire.’ I had never heard of the god in question controlling the weather actually…that would have been Zeus..another set of pantheon altogether..Cerunnos is Celt, Zeus from the Greek. Sometimes one hears some crazy shit on these boards. Was Sean done? Sadly no. He claimed to have been dyslexic so had problems spelling(in truth only word misspelled was scholarship), and yet had a genius IQ. I laughed, told him that did not excuse ignorance and go back and read the thread because he might have learned some things. That effectively shut him up, and others could go back to having their discussion. Now here is my thing. I could pass off my snarkiness as I was drinking last night, yeah..I do that from time to time, but those of you who know me well, know that I despise ignorance. If one is going to jump right into an intellectual conversation, and you voice an opinion, make sure  that what you state is in fact opinion rather than a bold statement and pass it off as fact. And if one is going to lay claim to having a genius IQ, then act like you have some intelligence. I myself have enough intelligence to know what my limits are. Can I carry on an intellectual conversation? Most of the time.. if I know enough about the topic at hand..Contrary to what many think, I don’t know everything about everything..Am I above having a little fun with some things? Nope..After all, life is too serious to stick to the mundane. Unfortunately one sees too many people running around trying to prove how intelligent they are, speaking on several different subjects when in actuality, they show just how much they have to learn. I am for learning every day. I learned from the thread in question..It had a lot of info that I had not read before, other things to consider. I like conversations like that. I enjoy intelligent conversations with people who back their shit up…Not some asshat coming in and throwing fluff on the floor and demanding we view it as a mohair carpet. Not happening..Not from my perspective anyway. Intelligent Quotients are nothing more than a number..a tool used to measure for those who hang their lives on such. For me..I have met people who’s IQ were in the stratosphere and yet could not comprehend the common sense in picking up after themselves. Truthfully numbers do not measure how intelligent you are, but how you retain such knowledge and function on a daily basis. I know people who have disabilities, that on face value, society would place in a corner somewhere, and yet they have the ability to see people for who they really are and do things that others thought were an impossibility for them. So who in fact was “genius” there? The ones who dismissed such a person, or the one who defied those odds and did what they felt inspired to do? I’m going with the latter. We are the only ones who limit ourselves. If we think that we are unable to learn something, do something..whatever it may be..then we have already lost the war. Knowledge is power..but for one to access that power, one has to be ready to fail..Fail? Yep…fail. We dont always get it on the first try you know..Sometimes we have to pick ourselves up, reassess the issue at hand and try something else to achieve that goal. That is the real power.

Welcome to my world

I often see, hear, read things that make me want to go hmm..You know the ones..the ones that make you want to either slap the other person involved and say “”wtf have you been smokin’? So this little blog here…..yeah that’s what this is for..A place for me to vent, rant and otherwise yell about things that can only be described as ignorance of our society. So if by chance, you’ve meandered this way and found yourself entangled in my webs…relax, hang out, and drop me a line . Peace out!