tea and sympathy? I think not

I was coming back from a trip and decided to stop in for some tea at a cafe I knew was near by. As I came in the door, the waitress Jill nodded at me and I made my way to a table in the back. It’s one I usually sit at when I’m here and I chuckle to myself that I seen to have select places to park my ass wherever I go.


Jill comes to my table with a teapot and a plate of biscuits.”I’ve been working on these,”, she says.”Tell me how they compare to yours”. She sits down butter and honey. I prepare a biscuit and take a bite. Fluffy and delicious. I tell her they are wonderful. She smiles and moves off to tend to others while I enjoy my tea and biscuits. I don’t come here often. Too much drama for me, which is saying a lot considering where I travel.


I watch those around me, able to see beneath the masks that are worn. Suddenly someone sits down across from me. I haven’t seen him for some time and his appearance has changed dramatically. Jill looks over and I signal for another cup and more tea (I’m from the south. Even if we don’t want company we’ll feed you anyway). As Jill moves away, I pour my”guest”a cup and offer biscuits which he declines. “So what do I owe the honor of this visit”?I ask. He sips his tea, setting the cup back onto the saucer. “I need your help”, he says. I fold my hands together and ask”what makes you think I can help you”? Better yet, what makes him think I will is left unsaid, hanging in the space between us.” She won’t listen to me. She won’t even let me contact her. I can’t fix this and it’s killing me”, he said plaintively. It’s true he had become a mere shadow of his former self, but he called it to himself through his actions.”I cannot interfere with someone’s free will. She does as she will and how that makes you feel is of no consequence to me.” “You had no problem interfering with what I wanted”he stated loudly. At his exclamation others looked our way. Jill frowned as I shook my head slightly.” You are attracting attention with your outbursts sir snd should they continue it could get a mite uncomfortable for you. Now. As to usurping your free will. Yes. I had no problem doing that because you were harming another. She desired her freedom and chose to break free. She did that. I only facilitated in giving her space to work in that you could not harm her nor interfere with her growth.” He looks at me sadly.”But look at me. I’m losing everything. She left and I’m losing everything”.I sigh and sip at my tea before answering.”I don’t know who you made deal with to acquire what you had, to allow you control over her. That isn’t my problem. What I did was be a friend and confidant to her, allowing her time to decide what she desired and what direction to take. I give no counsel on what that is supposed to be. What you’ve lost, are losing, is nothing compared to what she would have lost had she stayed. I don’t expect you to understand that, due to your selfish nature. You will answer as those you’ve bargained with demand”. He looked at me for a moment, nodded then walked away. I shook my head, then reached over for his cup, swirling, then dumping to read his leaves. Yep, things are not going to improve any… Well in his eyes anyway. For his friend? She will continue to grow, protected by those who love her and choose to live life on her terms. We should all be so lucky.


I finish my tea, say my goodbyes to Jill and continue on my journey. All in all its been a pleasant trip, and most enlightening.