Transformation: to change or morph into something new or different.

I’ve been accused of this word as of late. I don’t see it myself. I don’t see myself doing anything new or different. I’ve lost a lot of weight… just by changing activity.  I changed some negative energy by changing jobs, added some oomph to spiritual path that was lacking.  Basically refuse to go by anything but my nickname.But is that enough to call it a true transformation? I’m still who I’ve always been on the inside. I treat my friends like the loved ones they are. Help my family as I can, and work like I always have. So that isn’t different, so to me I’m not morphing into anything new.

A friend wisely said that perhaps now the outside reflects the inner person. If so, would that mean I’ve dropped the mask that I habitually wear. Does that mean I don’t need or want it anymore? I’m not sure. Its always been easy to hide behind that mask. It was comfortable, dark and protective. Now I’m walking in the open and have stopped running from that which pulls at me. No masks here folks.. all me from here on out.

Do I think I’ll continue improving myself? Most likely. Our paths have to do so as we grow in understanding. Physically? Maybe… we like to tweak things all the time right? At any rate, I just like to think of it as personal growth, not drastic change. And looking into the mirror is definitely more pleasant these days.