masks removed (masques enleves’)

I make my way through familiar territory, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells that make me feel like I’m home. It fills me with peace and a small smile plays around my lips as I think of my destination.

As I reach my turn on the road and head on toward the small bar located along the shadows, my mind fills with thoughts of what I need, want, desire. I pull my cloak closer as I get nearer, laughing to myself about ghede and the chill that invades all that walk close.

I soon reach my destination and enter into the warmth and noise of the bar. I make my way to my favorite table noting that it was already occupied. I smile as my companion slides a glass toward me.”Joyeux anniversaire”, he says. I smile wryly.”what’s another year?”I ask. He smiles and refills our glasses.”Another year with you amoureux, is time well spent.”I laugh.”yeah, I’m gonna call bullshit on that”.  My companion laughs.”that’s one of the things I like about you, never afraid to speak plainly..accune crainte”. Again I laugh.”No fear? I live my life terrified about everything. I just wear a mask so others don’t see it”. “Je suis d’accord”, he nods.”most people wear masks. This is that time of year n’est pas?”I laugh and take another drink. I’ve lost count of the drinks, but tonight is about something other than prudence. The band is playing a lovely tune, some are dancing and I find myself relaxing from the atmosphere. Yeah, this is where I’m supposed to be, even if I doubt myself, hear the mutterings of others who question the relationship. “Allons-nous passer a calmer quelque part?” He asks. I nod and we move to private quarters to finish our conversation, and a copious amount of rum. Today I awoke more settled, and astonishingly with no hangover. Joyeaux anniversaire to me. Here’s to purpose and less need for masks. VIVE

respect, an uncommon commodity

Ever notice how respect kind of seems one sided? We see it everyday in the news. We interact with others and while we may not agree with them whether it be their beliefs, their personal lives, we generally are respectful enough not to voice our feelings on the subject matter.


Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for quite a few people. They feel for whatever reason, they have the right to tell you exactly why you are wrong and how to fix it. You spend your money wrong, let me tell you how it should be done. you don’t worship like me so your practice is wrong. Let me fix that.I know better than you, so instead of telling you how I feel, I’m going to have someone else come in and let you know what I think. I wish this was just from strangers because then you could just pass it off as general asshattery, but often it’s from friends and even family. So you are kind of left with this feeling of wtf do I do now?  Do I speak up and cause a rift, do I sit and stew and give myself a headache? There isn’t an easy answer really because dynamics being what they are, someone will invariably end up with hurt feelings, and a major mess will have to be untangled-.


Too bad there isn’t some magical incantation to be uttered that would delegate respect between people. There isn’t. All we can do is try our best. While we can’t control others actions, we can (somewhat with practice) control our reactions.I like to think of it as my personal meditation. I tell myself everyday, that someone will most likely do or say something disrespectful, but I cannot make myself party of whatever agenda they have going. It’s damned difficult. But not impossible. Life is a challenge, but if it weren’t it would be a bore. Just remember to show a little respect for others, they might be having a day we know nothing about.

Alice had more sense

Have you ever just looked and listened to people sometimes and wondered just what rabbit hole they’ve been residing in? It’s been happening to me quite often as of late. Frankly is giving me a headache and an unquenchable desire to snark or slap them up side the head. *shrugs *Either works for me.

This is my issue. If a person claims to walk or have knowledge of a certain path or subject, then I expect them to know terminology connected to it. You cannot be expected to be taken seriously if you do not. I might be willing to overlook terms connected to certain pantheons if that isn’t your path, even certain terms belonging to traditions other than yours, but I cannot overlook the fact one does not know what a pantheon is. Seriously? You claim to worship /work with a set of God’s and yet have no idea of the definition? How long did you say you’ve been doing this? Exactly what rabbit hole have you been living in? If you’ve been doing this awhile as stated, in pagan circles you’ve heard the word. Don’t own a damn dictionary? Google it ffs! Stop asking the most ridiculous questions. Even Alice had enough sense to look for proper direction.

I am not the goddess of all knowledge but I do have some common sense and will go look before I let my mouth override my ass and show ignorance. It’s high time some people do the same.

Tossing out the dross

I told y’all that I’ve been doing a lot of searching as of late. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to cull all that does not benefit me. That includes people as well as elements of the path I walk.


It’s like going through closets. Taking first one thing off the hangars, inspecting it, trying them on. But it’s like trying on that jacket you loved when you saw it in the store. The color does nothing for you, the cut is wrong, and it feels uncomfortable. Time to toss that onto the trash heap. No use holding onto something that just doesn’t benefit us any longer. People in our lives are the same. We need to cull those who don’t appreciate who we are, with real feelings and opinions instead of the public persona we show the world. If they truly appreciate who we are, they won’t be afraid to reach out when we aren’t at our best. If in the middle of a crisis, they don’t /won’t at least ask if they can help or let you know they care even if they don’t know how to help, it’s time to cut them loose. Those type of people are nothing more than psi vamps sucking all your energy. You will need that healing core to grow and love yourself.


So now that we’ve taken out the trash from our personal stash, it’s time to check out the path. There is no rule that says how we started out means we have to stay there. For many of us, the things we first learned are cringe worthy. We wonder how we could be so naive. So we tweaked, learned, and fashioned a workable path that feeds us spiritually. It doesn’t have to be like anyone else’s, but it does need to work. If it isn’t, now is the time to put it under the microscope and dissect what is blocking the growth. Sometimes it’s a minor thing, sometimes we may need to revamp it with a major overhaul.

If it holds you back, you’re stifled and not growing, clear out the dross. Life is too short for bullshit.

No validation Necessary

I’ve been in a real funk lately. I’ve been through this before. If asked,, (I wasn’t) my stock answer is that I’m fine. Fine is that all encompassing word that says I refuse to give you the ammunition to pile on.


What bothers me quite a bit, are those sanctimonious omniscient folk who seem to have all the answers and cannot stop themselves from telling you to suck it up because they are living the life of Riley. How fucking nice for them. If you have all the damn answers why didn’t you throw a lifeline? The answer is you get to sit there, pat yourself on the back thanking whatever God you serve that you are not like the tortured soul in front of you that you’ve never felt the pain so severe the thought or desire to check out, stop the clock of you will  hasn’t crossed your mind. Never knowing what type of strength it really takes to grab onto the bank as you are flung through the rapids.

Am I better? Let’s say that I’m a work in progress. I now have access to let it out without offending those around me with my emotional crisis. So I guess this is fair warning. Can’t handle the pictures I paint of where I am  don’t read the blog.

Time waits for no witch

The journey wasn’t long if one didn’t count the first leg of the swamp. As I traveled I let my mind wander on the problems at hand. They seem insurmountable in the mundane. Others perspective might not think so but I guess it’s always been so. All too soon I reach my destination, realizing with a start that I didn’t notice any of the scenery at all. Maybe next time I think to myself. I make my way inside to the parlor where it seems I have been expected since there is a teapot with cups sat out on a table which also contains food and rum. I chuckle to myself and make my way to a chair near the fire to warm myself. I seem to stay cold inside these days even though outside temps day I should be melting.

”what’s the deal with all the clock watching? ” comes a voice from behind me. I shrug. ” I guess I hear the ticking of the scarab ” I laugh. My host shakes his head. ” You hear your own pain beating against your sense of duty ”. Wow. I have never heard it put that way before. ” So tell me oh wise one, how in the hell do I shut it off? ” I was being a little more than facetious, but then he knows me well and probably expected it. He looked at me side eyed, handed me a drink and asked softly ” why haven’t you stopped the clock yourself? ” I take a drink of my rum laced tea and laugh. ” Ego, my friend. All these mundane control issues trick me into thinking someone somewhere might give a damn. The sad truth is that after the immediate need of carcass disposal is disposed with life moves on and the dead are shifted to another place of consciousness to be pulled out of the closet when it suits them. ”  We sit in silence for a bit listening to the crackling of the fire, when he begins to tell me a story. A story of what one was, what is and is yet to be. When he was through I was in tears. I need reminded once in awhile and my friend had done so beautifully. I rose to leave and before I did so he handed me a feather. Black and glossy it reflected the flame from the fire. ” It’s not exactly a phoenix feather, but as you see the fire still burns within you. Use it to push yourself ”. I thank my friend and tuck my gift into my cloak for the journey home. Brin appears to escort me. Today I still give the clock side eye thinking how easy it would be to reach out and SMACK! My gift prevents me. It was given as a reminder and so I thank my friend and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Instruction of the charge begins

~CRASH!!!!!!~ I bolt upright in bed. Seeing the cause of the noise, I yell. “CHARLIE! For the love of Elphalba what the fuck are you doing? You are going to wake the house not to mention unsettle the dead”.Charlie looks up from the mess on the floor.  “I was just trying to see how it works” he said sheepishly.  “IT” is  the DS that belongs to someone else who at present is sound asleep, but in trying to take it off the charger,he had  dumped all her movies to the floor. I get up and come to where he still sits looking perplexed.  “Now listen you fucking asscricket.  I agreed to help you gain some maturity, but not at the expense of disturbing others. Get your ass up off the damn floor and carefully place all the movies back on the shelf…in alphabetical order(no that isnt how they were originally but this is punishment and what he will do). The look on his face was mutinous but he did as ordered asked. “Boy, I say, Boy…we are going to have to lay down some ground rules” I told him as he finished. “While I know that light/dark, morning/night means nothing to you have so obviously stated, I and others are human. We sleep in the dark, work, go to school etc in the daytime. Humans need rest, especially children, one of which you almost woke up with your antics.  And just for an FYI..disturb her and your manners will not be all you need worry about because you will cease to exist.  Leave her shit alone.  You did not ask for permission and in this house..its a proper thing.  You might want to consider that in your dealings with others as well.” While I was speaking, Charlie sat still, his already pale face becoming even more colorless. “I’m sorry” he mumbled.  I nod.  “Seeing as how I am awake, get your shit together because I am taking you to someone who will be able to channel all that energy of yours”. Charlie’s face brightened.” What realm are we going to?” he asked excitedly. I sigh. “ as you were told or I am going to shove your ass in a bag and drag you through the swamp”. He looked a little nervous but gathered his bag and stood by the door waiting for me. Brin came in to assist me gathering a few items to go with us.  At her entrance, Charlie blanched.  “Sh-sh-she doesn’t bite does she?” Brin and I both turned to look at him. Brin’s eyes smoldered as if she was thinking seriously of making him a briquet. I put my hands on either side of my head where the beginnings of a massive headache was beginning to form. “Charlie”, I said slowly through clenched teeth. “SHE has a name.  It is Brin.  She is my confidant, guide, protector and friend.I would remind you that manners are important to me and to others.  Protocol demands you remember that.  As to the question of whether or not she bites…if she didn’t think you would probably taste like a piece of shit, then yeah she would eat you.  Now get your ass in line and let’s go.  I swung open the door , walked out with Brin leaving my much brain challenged ward to bring up the rear.It wasn’t long before we came to the swamp. The head of steam I had built up had us moving at a fast clip.  Brin I knew could run circles around me, Charlie on the other hand was like a dog on a leash being dragged …yanked whenever he tried to slow. Charlie looked around nervously. I noticed his fear and spoke softly to him. “Charlie, get in the front of the boat, Brin and I will sit behind you.  For once, he did as he was told without question and as we traveled, I began to tell him the history of the place around him. “Take that right fork and we travel to Grand’Mere spider”, I say.  Go straight and we come to the bridge between this realm and another where friends live I have not seen for some time.  I smile as I think of Dag and his family. We go this way to Maman’s. Her cabin sits on the water, where the scent of the spanish moss mingles with the sweet jasmine blowing from another place.  The herbs fill your soul with such sweet peace one could not ask for a more special place”.Charlie glanced around at me over his shoulder.  “You love it there don’t you?  I can hear it in your voice”. I smile.  “Oui.  I love it more than anywhere I know.”. I continued to speak of legends of  the past , of people who helped further a path I walk, of reasons why I still stand even when it would have been safer and saner to walk away.  Of my friendship with his benefactor who thinks Charlie has some worth to whomever has asked for him to be trained schooled. Soon we came to the cabin that makes me smile as soon as it is in view. We step into the cabin where once again I am greeted with love and the smell of herbs.  “I hoped you would stop by Cher”, says Maman. “I know you have been busy”. I nod and smile.  “Forgive my tardiness in not coming sooner”, I tell her.  “This is Charlie”, I say motioning him to come forward.  He does and stares. I look at him and tell him softly, “this is a test Charlie..think before you speak”. He swallows nervously and says, “Bonjour madame, je suis heureux de faire votre connaissance.”. Maman smiles. “Bienvenue jeune homme. J’espère que vous y trouverez tout ce qu’il faut ici” “I came to see George, Maman.  Is he around?” She points through the window where I see him relaxing on a limb.  I smile. “I hate to interrupt his revery, but I have something to leave him with”.  She laughs.  “Come Charlie”, she tells him.  “Let me see if we can find you something to do so I can feed marécage sorcière”. I side eye her because labels, endearments have come at me too frequently as of late and its not a thing I am used to hearing. I go to see George who opens one eye and stares at me sardonically. “Laissez-moi deviner, vous avez besoin d’une baby-sitter”. “How do you know these things George?” I ask. He sighs.  “It is my job to know”, he says crankily. “Is the job too much for you?” he asks.  “Non..but he needs some direction in manners and protocol since he will be dealing with many on other realms, and I have a lot on my plate in the mundane. I kind of need him to have some supervision while I do..the other time I can work with him.  I know its a lot to ask of you, but I’m not sure what else to do other than locking him up for his and others protection”. George laughed..for what for him works for a laugh but sounds more like a short bark. He gets up and moves past me.  “Well don’t just stand there..let’s go have a look at the young pup you brought for obedience training.  You did bring a leash didn’t you?” I laugh and follow him.  “I didnt think you needed one”. We come into the cabin to find Maman has Charlie grinding herbs and she is giving him a lesson as to proper technique and what the herb is used for. George and I exchange grins.  “Charlie”, I say..”You will be staying here with George and Maman.  They will begin your instruction.  I expect you to listen for they both know their shit and if you don’t..well, let’s just say…they are damn good at discipline”.  Charlie’s eyes grow wide at the sight of George, but to his credit, he refrains from saying what he is thinking although we all can hear it. He merely nods and accepts the decision.  Maman shoos him out of her kitchen and tells him to go get acquainted with George.  I sit down in the chair and she hands me a mug of her special coffee. I inhale the deep rich aroma and take a sip and lean back in the rocker by the fire.  Maman comes behind me to massage my temples with her special oils. I relax and we begin to talk about what is going on with me and mine. Friends, life in roles and then she tells me a bit about Charlie and how he came to be with John. He was from an affluent family, but had no guidance..just left on his own(explains his lack of social skills), and was assaulted by a trusted friend of the family.  In his crossing, he asked to be able to “mean something”  as his present life lacked that value. I close my eyes and see what was left out of the dossier and feel the range of emotions, anger, remorse, empathy and finally resolve.  I will honor his request that he feel like he matters and has value.  It was promised to him.  It won’t be easy, but then quality never is. I rise and call a farewell to Charlie and George who has an arm around the young man’s shoulder explaining how things would be working.  I smile.  For all his curmudgeonly ways, he does have a softer side for those who need it. I hug Maman and promise to return soon and then Brin and I leave for our return trip home where we talk out a set lesson plan for our new charge.  I return home tired and soon fall into a sound sleep with the last thought of the waking is Brin pulling covers up over my shoulders and settling down beside me. I’ve heard from the others and Charlie is settling in well…its early yet..there are bound to be bumps in the road, but things seem promising. I’d better stock up on more rum just in case.

Reverbs from the week of hell

You know..sometimes the events of the week can almost certainly have a resounding reverberation that carries on throughout the weekend.It feels like to me, that this is where I am at.

BONG! BONG! BONG! The reverb echoes in my head. The stupidity of the week has me wanting to yell at those acting ignorant. I have NO patience. From kids at work who when you speak to them look at you with a blank stare and say HUH? English Mother fucker! Do you speak it? The job is not hard..take a bundle, match it with other parts that carry the same number to the next job. It doesn’t require a master’s degree and yet it was a total mess affecting my work, my temper and my all around psyche. The problem with that is that it lingers as if its some damn virus one cannot shake. Everything pisses me off. Stupid memes that it seems everyone is sharing, saying.  I want to yell..”I get it! It was cute the first couple of get the fuck over it!”Then those posting stupid, inflammatory shit that are wrong, pointed out that its wrong and yet they toss down the gauntlet that they can say and do as they please. Yes they can..but does that mean they have to subject everyone to their ignorance? And don’t even get me started on those claiming to love god  and be a good christian when everything about their life is a contradiction of that particular faith. They only play the god card when things around them start falling apart and their stress level goes beyond what they can handle. Now I have nothing against people using their faith to is intended to give up a foundation upon which to stand to keep balance in our lives.  What I have a problem with are those who use it when its convenient for them to cry “god”. I have no patience for the paper bag religion…take out what you need when you feel its a good time to use it, instead of making a cohesive commitment to your faith.
All this has left me with a headache and short on patience with no fucks given to those I ditch or tell off. Not always the best thing when you have to work with some, live with some or just come into contact with them (avoid jail at all cost)…So what is a seriously pissed bitchy witch to do?  I could get shit faced I guess, but that is only a temporary fix…the best for me is to step back, limit interaction with those I know will piss me off, cull the lists on social media, and find a place to mellow out to regroup for the coming week.

Full Tilt

One would think I could at least get a little light from the moon I mutter to myself as I walk down the dark road.  Not even a damn street light. “That’s never bothered you before” comes a voice from the shadows. I roll my eyes and retort that I’m tired and may be inclined to stumble tonight”.  I hear the laughter and then comes a gentle reply”You never stumble, but I will humor you”. Suddenly there are torches lining the road. “Well damn”, I think to myself.  “If bitching was all I needed to do, I’d have done it long ago”. Again comes a laugh and the admonishment to not think so loudly.  I grin to myself and continue on to my destination. The bar comes into view, and light and music and laughter flows out its doors. I stop to survey the scene before I enter and the voice again comes from behind me. “Something wrong Cher?” I shake my head, but am a little nervous.  There will be big time players at this little soiree and some of them make me more than a little apprehensive in their sideways looks . “Do not worry about the others.  Just deal the cards and make sure they go where they are supposed to”. I chuckle.  “Is this rigged?” He laughs. “Isn’t it always? We go inside and the party seems to already be in full swing.  We make our way past the bar toward the private room off to the side. If one didn’t know where to look for it, you would miss the door .  Nondescript, no visible handle , looking like a piece of furniture standing beside the bar. We enter and the players are already there. I recognize each and every one, catching the eye of one as she gives me a wink of encouragement. Our host greets everyone and sees to their refreshments, handing out cigars and rum and coffee to those who wanted to keep a clear head. The cards are brought out, sealed, shown to all and then I am introduced as the dealer.  If there were objections, they were wise enough to not voice them to the host of this fete. We all assume our seats and I break the seal, holding my breath as I do so. I hear a voice in my ear whisper”just deal the cards ma petite, things will be fine”. I let out my breath and start to deal. One by one the cards fall, and the players start to look and calculate their bets. And so it goes, first one then the other folding, winning, losing, until at the end there are but two players left. “I think we should take a break” says our host. It is agreed and I stand for the first time that evening.  My legs tremble slightly as I get my bearings. I go to the bar to get a snack and something to drink. The rum I get comes in a coffee cup and I look confused. “This one is for the player on the left” .  “But she says coffee only,” I began…”She will need the fortification later” he says. I know by now to not argue because one way or another, what happens will be as he dictates. I shrug and place the cup before her and take my own to my seat.  At her first sip, she raises her eyebrows at me and I shrug.  She nods and then we resume the game.  A new deck is brought forth.  I almost salivate at the cards.  The most delicious designs I have never seen before and it makes me want them so much. The host grins and shakes his head as he places the cards in the center of the table. “My friends”, he says to the players. “Feel free to inspect the deck”. The player on my right picks up the deck and inspects it so closely I thought for a minute he might break out a magnifying glass.  He sits it back down. “What about you Girl?”, asks the host to the player on my left.  She shrugs and gives it a cursory glance, checking that the seal was intact then sits it back on the table, folding her hands in front of her. “Very well”, he says. Then he breaks the seal and hands them to me. “This hand is winner take all, one hand only and its final in its outcome.,  Agreed?” Both players agree and I begin a slow shuffle, feeling the cards slide together and I swear I could hear them sing and drum as I did so. I look up hoping nobody else was paying attention.  But the host of the party smiles and winks.  I begin to deal the cards. The game moves quickly at first until the last round of cards. The tension builds and the bets grow.  Everyone in the room seems to hold their breath.  I have no ideas what the game is for, but it’s a big deal I know, but I can’t think about that now.  I deal the last card face down to each player. The player on the right lifts an edge and I see just a glimmer of a tic at the corner of his mouth.  “Ah, not good” I think to myself. We all sit waiting for him to bid. He does and I look down at the cards in my hand so as not to betray my surprise that he would try and bluff his way through his suck ass hand. The player to my left has been watching the whole scene play out and finally touches her last card, just lifting the corner to glance at it then laying it down. She says nothing then sees the bet then goes all in. If the room was quiet before, it was cemetery still now. Everyone stood still, scarcely breathing to see how this played out. The player on the right seemed to have lost more color in his face(if that was possible) and took an inordinate amount of time in turning the cards over. “Is there a problem Monsieur”? asked the host.  He shook his head.  “Then we will see your cards please”. With a sigh, he turns them over.  Not a great hand, but certainly not one that garnered his full tilt play. The player on the left says nothing, but I can see the small smile in her eyes as she knows that she has indeed won. “Madame” says the host.  She turns her cards over slowly one by one until she reveals the last card that proves that she is the winner .  “No”! yells the first player as he begins rising from his seat. The host stands before him looking every inch of the owner of the domain that he is. “This is not where you want to start something you will not finish”, he tells the first player quietly. At that one word of warning, the player nods, and seems to shrink in size and he walks dejectedly from the room.  The other players congratulate the second player and they took take their leave. “Well now”, he says.  “I think we deserve a drink”. The rum begins to flow, and I lose count of how many glasses I downed. “Congratulations Girl,” he tells the second player. She raises her glass in acceptance and murmurs her thanks. “And you ma petite, thank you for your adept dealing”. I laugh because they were just cards after all.  “Were they?” he asked. “Did you not hear the singing and drumming of them”? I choke on the rum and think “oh dear gods, I wasn’t hearing things”. He laughs and soon the winner of the game tells us she has to leave.  She thanks me for the dealing and the game and thanks our host then makes her way out of the bar. “Why did you have me switch her drinks?” I ask him. “She needed it, and will again” he says, drawing on his cigar.”Am I to know what the prize was of this little game?” “Not at present”, he says. “But you will find out soon. FUCK! There will be a second part to this evening.  Why things can’t be simple, I have no idea,lol. I soon take my leave and wake up the next morning with a slight headache from the rum. Not too bad considering all I downed, so maybe I am getting used to drinking with him..damn, that’s can’t be a good thing..can it?

Searching for the answers

We all have moments when we have to stop to catch our breath and take stock of where and who we are. It can  be as simple as tweaking a few things, or it can be a major overhaul.

I’m having days when I want to just sit myself in a corner and hide out in the shadows because I’m neglecting everything that feeds me.  My cards snap at me for being stuffed in the herb cabinet(one can’t hear them as loudly as when they sit on the table). I don’t pull out the incense or herbs to light as I used to…its a meh attitude and its affecting who I patience, and definitely less connected. So a friend offered me a solution…read the” instructions” all about me.

Brin and I arrive at a friend’s for a little tea and some quiet reading. He’s left the fire going, and a book for my reading pleasure on the table next to the big easy chair.  Yep, he intends me to be comfortable as I read and seek the answers I’ve been looking for. Brin goes to bring in the teapot and pours me a cup while I settle myself in the chair.  I pull the soft blanket across my lap and begin my read. I soon see why the book was recommended to me.  It shows me who I was, why I was and how I can pull that back to me. It reminds me that I’ve always had elements of the path I carry with me today.  I have always been connected with a foot on both sides.  It’s why I can walk as I do without fear or retribution from those who control other realms.As I begin reading, I can see the past played out as it has always been. Funny how we often don’t remember things like that. It’s like when we incarnate, then we put past lives, lesson aside in order to try out a “bigger and better” one. It often leaves big holes for us to try and maneuver through and around. I see now where I have gone a bit off course and how I can remedy things.

I have no idea how long I read, or how much tea I drank while doing so. What I know is that today I awoke feeling a little more together  and an idea of how to push myself. No, I won’t share the details, but suffice it to say that it will be more enjoyable than what’s been going on as of late.

Que l’aventure commence